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K-roline is an award-winning painter who exhibits her works in France and who has been selected for the next Florence Biennale in Italy.

She took over the brushes at the end of 2018.

Her favorite themes include animals and landscapes.

Her technique focuses primarily on acrylic painting, although she doesn't refrain from adding finishing touches with pastels, felt-tip pens and other materials, depending on her feelings.

His works are exhibited on the Singulart Online Art Gallery.

To follow her on Singulart, click here .


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04 Exhibitions

2021 - From 23 to 31 October - Florence Biennale - Fortress of Basso

Contacted by the President of the Biennale and selected


2021 - From April 17 to 19 - Artoulouse - Espace Lauragais

2020 - From 7 to 11 November - Art 3F - Bordeaux

(Canceled due to the health crisis)



2020 - From 23 to 25 October - At the Manoir du Prince in Toulouse

(Canceled due to the health crisis)


2020 - From October 1 to 11 - 48th Salon d'Automne - Hall Comminges in Colomiers

(Canceled due to the health crisis)



2020 - From September 17 to 27 - Biennale Art Quercy - Espace Bonnaïs in Caussade

Art Quercy 2020 in Caussade - Article de la Dépê


2020 - From July 10 to 18 - Salon Grands Axes - Carcassonne

(Canceled due to the health crisis)



2020 - From June 13 to 21 - Salon des Arts de Balma - At the Odyssey

(Canceled due to the health crisis)

2020 - From 1 - 61st Salon of painters of Gaillacois - Salle Rives Thomas

(Canceled due to the health crisis)

2020 - From April 17 to 19 - Artoulous'Expo - Espace Lauragais

(Canceled due to the health crisis)

2020 - From February 28 to March 01 - Art 3F - At the Parc des Expositions de Toulouse

2019 - From 11 to 13 October - Princes d'Art - At the Manoir du Prince in Toulouse

Figurative Painting Prize

Audience Award

2002 - October - Salon d'Automne - At the Atrium of Saint Avertin

Prize of the Cultural Association "Éclat de Vie"


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Realization of an animal portrait in acrylic

For any order, request for a quote, please contact me

06 52 55 85 16

Toulouse, France

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